“Unprecedented trust” between US and Indian leaders: Prime Minister Modi 2023

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed India and the US had “unprecedented trust” and better connections than before.

Before his first state visit to the US, Modi told The Wall Street Journal, “India deserves a much higher, deeper and wider profile and role.”

Border tranquility is necessary for regular India-China relations.

“We value sovereignty, territorial integrity, the rule of law, and peaceful conflict settlement. Modi told the US daily that India is ready to defend its sovereignty and dignity.

He claimed New Delhi and Washington are closer than ever.

Modi claimed “unprecedented trust” between US and Indian leaders.

“Some people say we are neutral,” Modi remarked of Ukraine. We’re biased. We support peace.”

“All countries should respect international law and sovereignty,” he stated.

He said that diplomacy and conversation should settle disputes, not violence.

Modi has spoken to Putin and Zelenskyy multiple times.

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In May, he spoke to Zelenskyy during the G7 conference in Japan.

He added “India will do whatever it can” and supports “all genuine efforts to bring an end to the conflict and ensure enduring peace and stability”.

UN must reform in his interview.

“Look at the membership of key institutions — does it truly represent the voice of democratic values?”

Does Africa speak? India is a worldwide economic powerhouse with a big population, but is it present?”

The prime minister cited India’s contribution of soldiers to peacekeeping missions as justification for joining the UN Security Council.

He suggested evaluating the council’s membership and asking the world if India should be there.

In an era of geopolitical uncertainty, corporations are diversifying production and supply chains, and India is positioned to benefit from its massive education and infrastructure investments, according to the US Daily.

We don’t see India replacing any country. “We see this as India gaining its rightful position in the world,” Modi told the publication.

Today’s world is more interlinked than ever. He advised diversifying supply channels for resiliency.

Modi said in his interview that he is the first prime minister born in free India.

That’s why my thoughts, actions, and words are shaped by my country’s values. “It gives me strength,” he remarked.

“I present my country to the world as it is, and myself as I am,” he stated.

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