Ties with Neighbors, Muslims Iran’s Priority: President 2023

The Iranian president credited his administration’s strategy of balanced ties with the globe for the success in Iran’s foreign relations, saying close engagement with neighbors and Muslim and like-minded nations is a top priority.
Ebrahim Raisi stated in a televised interview on Tuesday, the second anniversary of his election as Iran’s president, that his government does not link the country’s growth to discussions to lift US-led sanctions against Tehran.

He said, “What is more important is (for us) to enhance the country to such level of strength that would render it immune to sanctions,” Press TV reported.

Raisi also addressed Iran’s foreign policies.

He said Iran’s “balanced and consistent” ties with the globe during his leadership should not be limited to a few countries.

The Iranian president stated that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) agreed to Iran’s membership request, which is anticipated to be accepted as a full member.

“We will collaborate with any country that wants mutually respectful ties with us. “And if (rare) countries like the US should seek to be adversarial towards us, we will resort to resistance against them,” he said.

Raisi stated that Iran has been friendly to all countries that support the Islamic Republic since his term began.

He referenced Iran’s recent reunion with Saudi Arabia, saying that despite their disputes, the Islamic Republic never considered the country its adversary.

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