We are thrilled to expand our Earth and space collaboration with India: NASA Administrator 2023

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said they are “very pleased” to expand their collaboration with India on Earth and in space. On June 21, India became the 27th nation to sign the Artemis Accords in Washington. The signing event included NASA administrator Bill Nelson and India’s US envoy Taranjit Singh Sandhu.

“On behalf of NASA, President Biden, and Vice President Harris, we are very pleased to grow our partnership with India here on Earth and in space,” NASA Administrator Bill Nelson stated in the news release. NASA commended Indian authorities for signing the Artemis Accords.

“As we venture farther out into the cosmos than ever before,” stated Bill Nelson. Peace is our goal. We want transparency. We wish to help each other in distress. We appreciate India’s initiative in signing the Artemis Accords and look forward to working together.

NASA’s news statement stated, “The Artemis Accords establish a practical set of principles to guide space exploration cooperation among nations, including those participating in NASA’s Artemis program.”

“Very pleased” to expand their Earth-space relationship with India: Nasa

India joining the Artemis Accords is a milestone, according to Taranjit Singh Sandhu. He reaffirmed India’s space exploration commitment driven by new partnerships and development. India believes the Artemis Accords will promote a rule-based space policy.

India joining the Artemis Accords is a major milestone in our bilateral space cooperation. New collaboration and progress underlie India’s space exploration goal. Taranjit Singh Sandhu stated in the news release that India values peaceful and sustainable space utilization.

“We believe the Artemis Accords will advance a rule-based approach to outer space,” he added. It also reinforces our notion that exploration is not simply about learning the unknown but also about improving mankind. These Accords demonstrate the transformation of a partnership into a global benefit.”

NASA, the US Department of State, and seven founding member governments created the Artemis Accords in 2020, according to the news release. NASA said that the Artemis Accords implement important 1967 Outer Space Treaty requirements.

The Artemis Accords also reaffirm the US and member states’ adherence to the Registration Convention, Rescue and Return Agreement best practices, and NASA and its partners’ responsible behavior. NASA said more governments will sign the Artemis Accords.

US Vice President Kamala Harris praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for joining the Artemis Accords on Friday. India joined the Artemis Accords on June 22, PM Modi said during his US visit. Harris added, “When you and I first met at the White House, I asked you to join the Artemis Accords, a commitment to safe and transparent use of space, and today I am happy to report that you have joined the Artemis ACCORDS.”

“And there is a point of personal privilege,” Kamala Harris stated at the Luncheon. As chair of the National Space Council, I appreciate you for your leadership in space and for our combined effort on our earth-science satellite to combat the climate catastrophe.”

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