Punish Pua for criticizing the unity government 2023

MCA has demanded action against Tony Pua of the DAP for his attack on Barisan Nasional and Umno.

Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker, vice-president of the MCA, stated that the DAP had previously blamed the MCA and requested that the MCA exert pressure on Umno to take action against “nobodies” for making unwarranted statements.

Now that DAP and Umno are in the government together, Ti praised the fact that “it had learned to respect Umno’s sensitivity” as opposed to before.

Tony Pua has trodden on the ankles of Umno and stroked their raw emotions. Tony Pua has forgotten that his party has taken over the MCA’s position in the government. In contrast to the MCA, the DAP is currently the largest, but not the most dominant party in the unity government.

“DAP is still trying very hard to buy Malay votes via Umno or appease Umno’s supporters for calling Umno corrupt, penyamun (bandit), perompak (thief), etc,” he wrote in a Facebook post today.

He stated that, unlike MCA supporters, Umno supporters were still wary of DAP due to their past provocative statements and political maneuvering.

Ti, a former deputy youth and sports minister, stated that Umno’s supreme council member Isham Jalil had promptly challenged DAP to quit the unity government in response to Pua’s statement labeling Umno corrupt.

“Unlike Superman Hew (former DAP member previously investigated for alleged hate speech), Tony Pua is not a nobody in the party, contrary to what the secretary-general (Anthony Loke) claims. Since 18 May 2022, he has served as the Secretary-General of DAP’s Policy Advisor.

“In light of the foregoing, and in order to refute Tony Pua’s claim that DAP intends to go it alone without BN or Umno, the allegedly corrupt party, Anthony Loke must not allow this to stand.

Ti stated that Loke must take disciplinary action against Pua similar to that taken against Superman Hew or fire him as the DAP’s Policy Advisor to the secretary general in order to demonstrate the party’s commitment to the unity government.

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