Iran IRGC Busts Daesh-K Network 2023

In the southern Iranian province of Fars, the intelligence units of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps destroyed a network that was connected to the terrorist organization known as Daesh Khorasan Province (also known as Daesh-K or ISIS-K).

The IRGC Intelligence Department was successful in dismantling the “operational and media network of Daesh-K” in the province of Fars in Iran, and they were able to apprehend the organization’s most important member.

The IRGC Dismantles Daesh-K in Iran

The ringleader, who was under surveillance by the troops of the IRGC for a period of four years, was in charge of locating and recruiting members of extremist groups in a number of provinces across Iran, including Tehran.

Following a deadly shooting attack on a sacred site in Iran’s southern city of Shiraz in October 2022, the Daesh terrorist group claimed responsibility for the incident, which resulted in the destruction of the network.

On October 26, 2022, a terrorist incident took place at the Shah-e Cheragh shrine in Shiraz, which resulted in the deaths of 15 pilgrims and injuries to at least 40 more.

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