Azerbaijan’s mining problem requires international help 2023

According to Trend, Links EUROPE Director Dennis Sammut stated during the second International Humanitarian Conference on mine clearance in Baku on the theme

“Combating the mine threat – the path to sustainable development” that the international community ought to make more humanitarian efforts to solve the mine problem in Azerbaijan.

“The issue of mine clearance in the South Caucasus must be approached from a humanitarian point of view,” He said that the humanitarian efforts of the international community should be increased in order to address the issue of mines in Azerbaijan.

Sammut made the observation that Azerbaijan is the most powerful nation in the area.

It is imperative that the rights of the hundreds of thousands of individuals who are obligated to return to their homes be taken into consideration. “Although we cannot bring everyone to Azerbaijan’s Aghdam, we can show everyone Aghdam,” he explained.

The contamination of land by mines is a significant issue in Azerbaijan, despite the fact that the country already possesses a significant amount of expertise in the field of mine removal. In his words, “I want to make a plea to my colleagues to organize a conference on mine clearance in Azerbaijan before the end of the year.”

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