Zionists Shocked by Occupied Territories Operations: IRGC Chief 2023

Tuesday night, after meeting with Basij commanders in Mashhad, Major General Hossein Salami told reporters that regional developments are eroding the adversaries of Iran.

The general stated that major events are imminent and that optimism has been rekindled, adding that the Zionists, who had previously resorted to saber-rattling, are now transfixed as more than 30 armed operations are carried out against Israel daily across the occupied territories.

Israelis Are Stunned by Our Actions in the Territories We Have Occupied

The situation in all of Palestine has become worrisome for Zionists, according to the head of the IRGC, who stated, “The internal conditions and the political and social protests of the occupied territories’ residents demonstrate that the Zionists’ political system is unstable.”

He also cited the widespread withdrawal of American military forces from the region and the expansion of Iran’s relations with its neighbors as evidence that hostile schemes to isolate Iran politically have failed.

In remarks delivered on April 22, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei exhorted the Muslim world to seize the tremendous opportunity presented by the acceleration of the Zionist regime’s decline, which began a few years ago.

“Before several decades, (David) Ben-Gurion, one of the architects of the phony regime, stated, ‘We will be destroyed whenever our deterrent power expires.’ The world is currently witnessing this reality, and if nothing changes, the overthrow of the regime is imminent.

In a meeting with a group of Iranian officials and ambassadors from Islamic countries in Tehran, the Leader referred to this as one of the favors resulting from the sacrifices of the devoted Palestinian youth in the West Bank and other occupied territories.

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