Tinubu one of Nigeria’s finest presidents: Yakasai 2023

A northern leader, Tanko Yakasai, asserts that President Bola Tinubu is already one of the best presidents to govern Nigeria and has the pedigree and ability to alter the country’s situation.

Yakasai, a Nigerian politician, human rights activist, and former liaison officer for former President Shehu Shagari, is 97 years old.

Mr. Yakasai stated at a press conference following a meeting with the president that Nigeria required a man with a track record of good administration and a seasoned politician to lead the country out of its current predicament.

He stated that based on the precedent set in Lagos during Mr. Tinubu’s eight-year tenure as governor, Nigerians should anticipate good times in the next six to twelve months.

His few legislation and appointments have made him one of Nigeria’s finest presidents.

“I have supported Tinubu’s desire to lead the country from the moment he announced his intention. Mr. Yakasai explained that his support was based on the conviction that only a genuine politician can address the country’s numerous problems.

The politician from the north continued, “In the days following his inauguration, I became more persuaded that my support had not been lost. The few decisions he has made, laws he has signed, and appointments he has made distinguish him as one of Nigeria’s finest leaders.”

Mr. Yakasai urged Nigerians to pray for the success of the Tinubu administration, adding that the benefits of recent proclamations would soon become apparent.

He stated that he believed Nigerians would have reason to rejoice once the benefits of Mr. Tinubu’s decisions became apparent. Mr. Yakasai added that he congratulated the president on his election victory by paying him a visit.

“My family and I came to congratulate Mr. President on his election victory and to pray for the success of his administration. Mr. Yakasai stated, “I will want Nigerians to support him so they can enjoy the kind of development that occurred in Lagos.”

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