Rahul Gandhi traveled to the United States to escape the weather in India: Amit Shah 2023

On Saturday, Union Home Minister Amit Shah criticized Rahul Gandhi for criticizing the Centre overseas, saying any party leader should not do so. Shah asked Gandhi to learn from his forefathers and not insult India during his recent tour to the US, referring to PM Narendra Modi.

“Patriotic Indians should discuss politics in India. No party leader should criticize the country overseas. “Remember Rahul baba, the nation is watching,” Shah remarked.

Rahul Gandhi travelled to US to avoid India heat.

He spoke during a gathering in Siddhpur town, Patan district, Gujarat, celebrating nine years of Modi rule.

He added, “But Congress party does not stop talking about anti-India stuff. Due to hot heat, Rahul baba is vacationing overseas. He criticizes overseas. Rahul Gandhi should study his forefathers.

A party leader claimed Shah addressed a gathering in Patan, Gujarat, on Saturday to honor nine years of the Narendra Modi government.

Shah will visit Nanded, Maharashtra, after Gujarat.

The Gujarat BJP has hosted numerous Union ministers to celebrate nine years of Modi administration achievements.

Another party spokesman claimed Shah’s rally in Nanded, Maharashtra, will begin at 5:30 pm. Shah’s visit to Maharashtra follows communal rioting in Kolhapur, Ahmednagar, and Beed.

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