Private Jet Ban “Typical Token Politics” 2023

The party proposed prohibiting private aircraft from Irish airspace, with the exception of pilot instruction, national security, medical evacuations, and state-owned private jets.

People Before Profit TD Paul Murphy stated, “The window of opportunity for humanity to have a viable future is rapidly closing.”

“The poorest people in the world are bearing the brunt of the consequences,” he said on Newstalk Breakfast.

“We must address the conspicuous consumption of the wealthy, and the use of private jets is emblematic of social and climate inequality,”

Deputy Murphy stated that the average private aircraft traveling into or out of Ireland emits more than 10 tonnes of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide an average Irish person emits in a year.

“This is utterly offensive. “It is completely unnecessary,” he declared. “We need to take action.”

“Luxury politics”

Commentator on current events Keith Mills characterized the proposed legislation as “luxury politics aimed at wealthy and successful individuals [who] frequently create jobs in Ireland.”

“This proposal pertains to Irish airspace… it applies to anyone flying from the United Kingdom to North America,” he explained. This will force these flights to circumvent Irish airspace, resulting in additional miles and carbon emissions, because the far left wants to transform Ireland into a pure environmental space.

Mr. Mills stated that the proposal is “only typical token politics” and does not address genuine issues that contribute to climate change.

“Do something useful”

“If People Before Profit really cares about the environment, do something useful,” he said. “Enroll in a program that provides free public transportation if you give up your car.”

Replace all the carbon involved in our energy production by addressing our sewers or constructing a nuclear power facility.

Murphy stated that the wealthiest members of Irish society must set an example for others.

“People would rather ride frequent, high-quality, electrified public transportation than sit in their cars,” he said.

“However, if those at the top are not seen to be taking action to reduce their emissions, it is extremely difficult to convince others to buy in.”

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