Permission for YCP’s Cheap Trick Around CBN’s House 2023

On the one side, YS Jagan, the Chief Minister of AP and Leader of the YSRC, claims that his party would prevail in the Kuppam seat by beating Chandrababu. On the other hand, his actions demonstrate an entirely different narrative.

As the narrative progresses, it will be revealed that the YCP administration has descended to such a low level that they have refused to grant Chandrababu permission to build a residence for himself in Kuppam.

It just so happens that in July of last year, Naidu purchased two acres of land along the Kuppam highway with the purpose of constructing his home there.

Permission granted for YCP’s cheap shot at CBN’s home

They subsequently submitted a request to the relevant authorities in the region requesting authorization to construct a residence there. However, the development has not been allowed up until this point by the local authorities for reasons that have not been made public.

Even after providing all of the documentation that were needed, the authorities apparently keep claiming some arbitrary reason whenever representatives of the CBN contact them for approvals. This has been gone on for a whole year.

The government is delaying the issuance of licences without providing a convincing justification, which has resulted in the building of the border walls being suspended while sand, cement, and other materials are allowed to deteriorate on the construction site.

The leadership of the TDP in Kuppam believes that Jagan is too afraid of the TDP supremo in 2024 to even allow CBN to build a home in Kuppam, despite the fact that Jagan boasts to the public that he would defeat the TDP supremo in 2024.

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