Mamata Banerjee apologizes over Egra illegal firework factory incident 2023

Saturday, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee apologized to the residents of the Egra area in the Purba Medinipur district for the explosion at an unlawful pyrotechnic factory that killed 12 and injured many.

The supreme leader of the Trinamool Congress, who arrived in Khadikul village eleven days after the explosion, stated that the incident could have been averted if intelligence had operated properly.

“I will apologize to you for the incident (the explosion at the illicit fire foundry on May 16)… Banerjee said this after distributing compensation checks to the relatives of those slain and injured in the explosion. “Had the intelligence functioned properly, this explosion could have been avoided”

The chief minister of Bengal is joined by state chief secretary H K Dwivedi.

She also presented appointment letters for ‘home security’ to one family member of those slain in the explosion on May 16.

Banerjee urged the villagers to keep the local police informed if they discover any illegal factories in operation, stating that two members of the family of the main suspect, the proprietor of the illegal factory, have been detained.

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