Italy meets national recovery plan deadlines, says Government 2023

After the Italian Court of Auditors criticized the government for delays, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and European Affairs Minister Raffaele Fitto stated that Italy will achieve the national recovery plan deadlines set by Brussels.

The recovery and resilience strategy for Italy includes investments totaling €191.5 billion and 527 objectives. However, bureaucracy and a frequently insufficient public administration may impede swift implementation.

In an interview with Il Messagero, Meloni stated, “Our plan is the largest in Europe, and a revision of it requires a careful check to avoid the risk of acting hastily and poorly.”

She added that Italy is on schedule and will utilize all funds “effectively and efficiently.”

Fitto also expressed concern regarding the expenditure of Brussels funds.

“It is mathematically impossible to realize certain interventions between now and June 30, 2026. We must state this unequivocally and not wait until 2025 to begin debating who is at fault”, said Fitto.

In a recent report, the Court of Auditors determined that €24.5 billion was spent in 2022, whereas only €1.2 billion has been paid so far in 2023. Thus, 13.4% of the total €191.5 billion had been spent by Italy.

“Everyone must take a constructive approach so that projects are implemented and properly accounted for,” said Fitto, calling the court of auditors’ analysis “misleading.”

“Only after the commencement of the project will it be possible to report on the progress, which will lead to an increase in the actual costs,” Fitto emphasized.

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