How to Become an African Female Politician 2023

Doreen Nyanjura is a prominent politician in the contemporary era. She made the announcement on Twitter that she will be a candidate in the presidential election of Uganda in 2026.

She has a nickname for her fans, which is the Nyanjuraholics, and she has described her program with an attention-grabbing hashtag, which is #ThePoliticalAntidote.

Nyanjura says she suffers the now-typical obstacles of being a woman in politics.

She adds that in addition to the tweets of support or ridicule that most politicians on social media have been accustomed to, she also receives tweets that insult her in a sexist way.

Nyanjura is no stranger to receiving personal attacks online due to her position as the Deputy Lord Mayor of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.

She told CNN that the frequency of these assaults has risen since she took on her mayoral post over three years ago. The topics of these attacks range from the length of her hair to her age as well as her marital status.

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