“Fight for it,” says Dan Andrews to the Yes campaign 2023

Mr. Andrews downplayed the poll findings, saying people had “busy lives” with things on their minds, but the Yes campaign had more work to do.

Campaign for change every time. Door-to-door, footy club-to-footy club, business-to-business, workplace-to-workplace. Mr. Andrews said, “Fight for it.”

You must remark, “This is a simple but important thing for us to do.” Let’s recognize the world’s longest continuous civilization and then listen to them about their business, kids, future, healthcare, and the reality that they die decades younger.”

The Victorian premier said listening to Indigenous people will enhance government services for all Australians.

“Governments spend billions on Aboriginal programs and policy. Mr. Andrews said many aren’t working.

When these initiatives fail, we all pay.

Listening is where you gain insight and improve, not just for Aboriginal people but for everyone because it means taxpayers get a greater dividend.

“Let’s listen to Aboriginal people about their future because I think we’ll get better results. We’ll share success rather than value. I vote Yes because of that.”

Indigenous leader Noel Pearson told The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age that the Yes campaign should explain the need to recognize Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the Constitution after being “snookered” by conservative Voice critics.

Torres Strait Islander campaigner Thomas Mayor said that an Indigenous Voice to parliament and constitutional recognition go hand in hand and that he is sure voters are not intimidated by the introduction of a federal advisory council.

Mr. Andrews’ “economic lens” on the Voice was praised by former Labor strategist turned pollster Kos Samaras.

He said Yes campaigners needed a clearer message as voters faced cost-of-living challenges.

The dude is a top political communicator. Mr. Samaras said few politicians are skilled at retail politics.

Over 600,000 consumers switch to variable interest rates in the next months

“The Yes camp assumed people cared more about this than paying the mortgage, not going broke.

After senior Liberal MP Ryan Smith resigned this month, Mr. Andrews was asked if Labor would compete in the Warrandyte byelection in August or September.

“The party decides,” he remarked.

Nine Liberal preselection candidates sought the north-east Melbourne seat, which the opposition holds by 4.2 percent.

John Roskam, Sarah Overton, and Nicole Werner are the frontrunners.

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