Complete the Power & Politics episode on Politics and Power Dynamics 2023

The episode of Power & Politics that airs on News 12 New Jersey on 5 May 2023 discusses various political issues in the state. The program discusses the exclusion of the state’s longest-serving Muslim mayor from a White House event, a state senator’s effort to reform liquor license laws, an investigation into development agreements in Camden, and a lawsuit filed against the state by female state troopers.

Prospect Park Mayor Mohamed Khairullah, Democratic State Senator Gordon Johnson, Micah Rasmussen of the Rebovich Institute for New Jersey Politics, and attorney Michele J. Douglas are among the guests on the program.

Power & Politics – Complete broadcast for 5 May 2023

In the most recent episode of Power & Politics, News 12 New Jersey’s Alex Zdan discusses the ever-changing political landscape of New Jersey. This episode addresses both controversies and reforms.

The program commences with the biography of Mohamed Khairullah, New Jersey’s longest-serving Muslim mayor. Despite being invited, Khairullah was recently barred from attending a White House event. Zdan discusses with the mayor of Prospect Park, Mohamed Khairullah, his experience and its significance for the Muslim community in New Jersey.

Next, Zdan speaks with Democratic state senator Gordon Johnson about his efforts to implement the desired beverage license reform proposed by Governor Phil Murphy. Johnson considers the current system to be obsolete and in need of reform in order to better serve New Jersey residents.

Additionally, the state attorney general is scrutinizing development agreements in Camden that have been controversial in recent months. Micah Rasmussen, director of the Rebovich Institute for New Jersey Politics, discusses the implications of these investigations for Camden’s future with Zdan.

Finally, Zdan discusses a lawsuit filed against the state by several female state troopers. The troopers allege that they were discriminated against and harassed on the job. Zdan discusses the case with attorney Michele J. Douglas and its implications for women in law enforcement.

This episode of Power & Politics offers a comprehensive overview of the most recent political news in New Jersey. With a variety of visitors and topics, viewers will gain a deeper understanding of the political landscape of the state.

If you want to view the most recent episode of Power & Politics, you can do so on the website of News 12 New Jersey. Stay informed and engaged with the most recent New Jersey political news.

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