The Full Guide to Hiring an Ecommerce Agency

For every company owner, hiring an ecommerce firm is a big move, but it doesn’t have to be frightening. Partners that may assist with developing your software, opening your shop, or expanding your user base are plenty.

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However, if you’ve never worked with an e-commerce agency before, the procedure may seem rather daunting. Does the investment make sense? Is it better to hire or outsource? Do you even need an agency of any kind?

Discover all the information you require to ensure the success of your hiring of an e-commerce agency ahead.

What is an ecommerce agency?

A business-to-business (B2B) company known as an ecommerce agency provides a variety of expert services aimed at assisting ecommerce businesses in achieving their objectives. Ecommerce companies may assist companies with a wide range of tasks, including social media management, SEO planning, content production, and digital marketing.

Why work with an online retailer?

Hiring an ecommerce agency has several advantages, the most significant of which is that, as a store owner, you can concentrate on managing your business instead of taking on additional stress and work that can be readily and competently handled by an ecommerce agency.

Let’s go over the additional justifications, nevertheless, for scheduling your initial agency consultation appointment.

Your outcomes will be quicker.

recruiting an agency is far more effective and expedient than recruiting new staff members. This is due to the fact that agencies are adept at picking things up quickly, whereas you have to teach a new hire. An agency also provides you with a whole team of strategists that are prepared to assist you in expanding your company.

As an online retailer, you want an agency that understands dealing with e-commerce sites and can guarantee quick outcomes in your specific market.

For instance, to increase direct-to-consumer sales, the shoe company Jack Rogers enlisted the aid of an e-commerce company. The well-known sandal company has long had success getting its items into department shops, but it now wanted to increase sales online.

It called in Shopify Plus Service Partner P3 Media, an organization with experience converting e-commerce storefronts to Shopify Plus websites, because its previous e-commerce platform was cumbersome and time-consuming.

With the addition of this employee, Jack Rogers’ redesigned online store saw a 60% boost in traffic and a 30% rise in conversions, making it one of the company’s primary distribution channels.

You have access to certain knowledge

You may hire a team of professionals with extensive knowledge of the work at hand when you hire an agency. While hiring one person to handle everything can seem advantageous, marketers who specialize provide superior outcomes in their field.

A Google Ads specialist would understand the subject matter far better than someone who manages e-commerce websites, manages content marketing, manages email marketing, and so on.

Let’s take an example where your website has a complicated technical problem that affects your online business. Even though they are capable of managing small website changes and have developed and executed your whole marketing plan, it is unlikely that your in-house marketer would possess the technical know-how to address a complex issue.

If your in-house marketer can’t find a solution after weeks of research, tinkering with your website, and losing their mind, you can hire an ecommerce agency with web developers who can identify the problem and solve it in less than a day’s work.

You may locate a service partner with expertise in anything from migrations and internationalization to marketing and analytics using Shopify’s expert marketplace.

You obtain an external viewpoint

Bringing in an agency can help your shop look at things from a different angle if you’re out of ideas. Agencies apply these best practices to your company and work with a diverse range of clients.

When you are in charge of your own company, it might be challenging to perceive potential outside what you have been doing. Engaging an agency provides you with the crucial external viewpoint that can lead to novel concepts and strategies.

When is the best time to work with an online retailer?

There are several clear indicators that you’re ready to hire an ecommerce agency, whether it’s because your shop’s performance is declining or because managing your own business is taking up more of your daily time.

Let’s go over some of the main justifications for working with an e-commerce agency and what they may provide.

Sales are declining, as you can see.

If you’ve been managing your business on your own and seeing steady growth in sales, but now you’re starting to notice a slowdown or stagnation, it may be time to seek outside assistance.

To address a problem such as this, you may work with a full-service e-commerce business that can help with user experience audits of your website and with launching new marketing initiatives to attract a wider audience.

A new product is being introduced.

Using an agency to create awareness for a new product launch may be a better option. A team of experts may assist make your launch even more effective, even while your own marketing efforts can probably generate some attention.

For instance, air purifier startup Molekule was able to verify its product concept and sell out two pre-launches thanks to Shopify Plus Partner Slicedbread, achieving outcomes Molekule probably wouldn’t have achieved on its own.

You don’t have the required expertise on staff.

Since you’re probably the sole employee when you initially start, you might not have the necessary abilities to set up your online store, develop your own website, write material for social media, and other tasks.

Here’s where an agency can help. Investing in an ecommerce agency can help you increase sales when your company has grown to the point where you are steadily making more money.

You’re entering a brand-new market.

Entering a new market may be challenging, whether it’s through the introduction of a new product or as part of a localization plan. For this reason, a lot of brands seek the assistance of agencies that specialize in this kind of company expansion.

Elephant Room, a Shopify Plus Partner, assisted skin care brand The Beauty Chef with their worldwide strategy. Elephant Room assisted in setting up and launching the required web pages for the brand in order for it to expand into the US and UK markets.