5 Benefits of Midwife Care

These days, a lot of women are searching for ways to facilitate a natural birthing process and a more customized pregnant experience.

Our team of midwives at The Verloskundig Huis Lief Leven provides sympathetic, individualised care throughout the whole pregnancy. If you haven’t thought about working with a midwife yet, think about all the advantages they may provide as you go through pregnancy and labor.

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What a midwife should tell you

A midwife’s primary responsibility is to guide you towards a safe birth by monitoring your health throughout your pregnancy and providing excellent prenatal care. Your midwife attends to any prenatal issues or health issues you experience during your pregnancy in close collaboration with our obstetrics team.

In addition to offering complete medical care, midwives may also be your source of emotional support during the highs and lows of pregnancy. With their vast experience and education, the midwives at The Verloskundig Huis Lief Leven can guarantee that you get the best possible care.

Your midwife team may help you with the following in addition to managing your pregnancy:

Exams for gynecology

diet advice

counseling on contraception

Care during labor and delivery

nursing and postpartum care

Management of menopause

There are several advantages to working with a midwife that you might not even be aware of.

Five advantages of using a midwife

There are several advantages to working with one of our licensed midwives that can enhance your pregnancy experience.

Working with a midwife increases the likelihood that low-risk pregnant women will give birth naturally and without the need for anesthetic. Often without the need for anesthetic, your midwife may provide you with guidance during labor and delivery.

Many women are able to give birth outside of a hospital setting, including at home, with the help of a midwife.

Working with a midwife has additional advantages that include the following:

1. A lower labor induction rate

Because there are so many advantages to spontaneous labor for both the woman and the baby, midwives concentrate on avoiding the necessity for labor induction.

The support and information midwives offer might lessen the possibility that you’ll require medication to start labor or have your water ruptured in order to expedite birth. If your labor is not progressing naturally, your midwife also helps you make the best options regarding labor induction.

2. Less necessity for a C-section (cesarean section)

There is less chance that a C-section will be necessary in births that are accompanied by a midwife. According to one study, the risk was reduced by 40% for women who had previously given birth and by 30% for first-time mothers.

3. Reduced chance of an episiotomy

To lessen the possibility of tears in the perineum—the space between the vulva and the anus—midwives employ a manual approach.

This preventive method may help lessen the need for an episiotomy, a surgical perineum cutting operation.

4. A lower incidence of premature birth and infant death

An estimated 2.4 million children worldwide pass away in the first month of life as a result of inadequate prenatal and postpartum care.

Your chance of experiencing difficulties during delivery might be considerably decreased by the continuity of care midwives offer. It has also been demonstrated that working with a midwife can cut the number of premature deliveries by up to 24%.

5. Transitional assistance in the postpartum period

Your midwife will help with nursing, bathing, and other basic care duties in the early days of a new mother’s life. Both you and your child can flourish with this continued support.

Make an online or phone appointment with The Verloskundig Huis Lief Leven right now if this is your first pregnancy or if you want a more customized prenatal experience.